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>Releases >New General Aviation Terminal opens in Guarulhos with the launch of the International Brazil Air Show 2019

New General Aviation Terminal opens in Guarulhos with the launch of the International Brazil Air Show 2019

With the new Terminal and with the International Brazil Air Show, aeronautical sector begins the year with highlights for the expansion of the segment and economy of the Country.

NOTE: Images about the launch event of IBAS – International Brazil Air Show 2019 and opening of GATGRU can be accessed through the link:  bit.ly/2RZ5wGm


On Monday, January 21, 2019, in Guarulhos/SP, the General Aviation Terminal Guarulhos Airport or GATGRU was opened. The launch of the IBAS – International Brazil Air Show 2019 was also announced at the same event. With the opening of GATGRU, São Paulo International Airport (GRU Airport) will offer a differentiated infrastructure to receive passengers of aircraft and jets of various sizes, following the trend of the largest airports in the world. During the event, held at GATGRU, it was also announced the launch of the University of Air – UniAr Project, an initiative of CFLY.

The initiative, promoted by CFLY, Sator and GRU Airport, brought together authorities, representatives of entities and companies and was attended by the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas (through the display of a video); the new civil aviation secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ronei Glanzmann, who addressed the new government guidelines for the segment; the director of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), Ricardo Bezerra; the Director General of the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA), Lieutenant-Brigadeiro Domingues; and the mayor of Guarulhos, Guti. Also taking part in the event were the president of GRU Airport, Gustavo Figueiredo; the president of Invepar, Erik da Costa Bryer; the dean of the Universidade Brasil, Fernando Costa; the executive director of Embry Riddle, Fabio Campos; YEB’s market intelligence manager, Jessica Santos; the partner of CFLY Aviation, Francisco Lyra; the executive director of Sator and the founder of IBAS – International Brazil Air Show, Paula Faria, among other participants.

GATGRU opening
With patio capacity for up to 39 executive jets distributed over an area of more than 6.000m2, GATGRU has a capacity for 200 passengers per hour, which will count with differentiated services. GAT is aimed at passenger processing of General Aviation.

According to Francisco Lyra, partner-director of CFLY, General Aviation is a complement to the Regular Aviation in the country, as it manages the air transportation service to more than 623 destinations against the 153 served by Regular Aviation, being a contributing factor for the economic development and meeting the needs of the air transportation of a continental country like Brazil. In this context, GATGRU contributes to raising the level of services provided to passengers and crew, being the first terminal in the country to maintain international standards of these services, becoming a gateway to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). FDI, whose main feature is the visit of the main investment decision maker, is considered as a way of integrating world economies.

IBAS – International Brazil Air Show  2019 Launch
The first Brazilian event based on the international aerospace industry and airport infrastructure will be held on September 11, 12 and 13, 2019, at the GRU Airport – São Paulo International Airport, and will bring together leaders from the global air segment to discuss the development in Latin America. The event, sponsored by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) and the Brazilian Airlines Association (ABEAR), is sponsored by Sator and co-sponsored by GRU Airport.

With a fundamental contribution to the economy, the air transport sector is responsible for 1.4% of the Brazilian GDP, or R$ 25.1 billion, according to data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). “Brazil alone accounts for 5% of the world business aviation market, with Latin America accounting for 7% overall. The total number of jobs in Brazil in 2014 is estimated at 1.6 million, plus direct, indirect and aviation-induced jobs and related sectors such as airports, land and aerospace services, as well as tourism. In this sense, initiatives such as the IBAS, GATGRU and UniA further strengthen this sector considered to be of prime importance for the development and economic expansion of Brazil, “says Paula Faria, executive director of Sator and the founder of IBAS.

Official Launch of the Project University of Air – UniAR and 1st Human Resources Yearbook for Aviation
Partnership between Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, CFLY Educacional and Universidade Brasil, the launch of the University of Air-UniAR Project, will also take place during the event. In addition, the 1st Yearbook of Human Resources for Civil Aviation, published by the Brazilian Aviation Institute, will be published, which will address the challenges of training and capacity building for the sector’s growth.

Opening of the General Aviation Terminal in Guarulhos – GATGRU and launch of IBAS International Brazil Air Show  2019
Date: January 21, 2019
Hour: From 9am (removal of credentials) – Vehicles that need to assemble equipment must arrive at 8:30 am at the event location
Local: General Aviation Terminal of São Paulo International Airport – GRU AIRPORT, in Guarulhos/SP.
Promotion and organization: Sator, CFLY and GRU Airport
More information on IBAS – International Brazil Air Show  2019: www.ibas.aero
More information on University of Air – UniAR Project: www.institutoaviacao.org
Images about the launch event of IBAS – International Brazil Air Show 2019 and GATGRU opening can be accessed through the link:  bit.ly/2RZ5wGm

GRUAirport – São Paulo International Airport invested in the construction of terminal 3 and the modernization of other terminals, performing infrastructure works in the runway and courtyards system, but this initial scope focused on regular aviation. Feeling the need to provide general aviation with better services and infrastructure, GRU Airport held a bidding process in 2017 of which the winner of the event was the GATGRU group.

At the end of October 2017, the Consortium formed by CFLY Aviation and Jetex Flight Support signed the agreement between GRU Airport and the General Aviation Terminal in Guarulhos, known as General Aviation Terminal Guarulhos Airport (GATGRU), aimed at general aviation. DNATA participated in the winning consortium as a ground handling provider.

CFLY Aviation is a leading global aviation company operating in the Design, Construction and Operations (BOD) market, fleet management, brokerage and aviation consulting, international fairs and education. The company is a shareholder and co-organizer of the International Brazil Air Show (IBAS), strategic partner of Embry Riddle Aeronautics University and pioneer in the logistics of high density parking in Brazilian airports, known as Hangar a Céu Céu – HCA – customer needs for a longer stay at Guarulhos Airport, contributing to increased levels of flight safety, as well as reduced air movement at TMA SP and at the airport.

JETEX is a state-of-the-art general aviation company, providing FBOs, aircraft supplies, ground handling and global travel planning.

About GRU Airport
The GRU Airport – Sao Paulo International Airport, a consortium formed by Invepar (Investimentos e Participações em Infraestrutura SA) and ACSA (Airports Company South Africa), is the largest airport complex in South America, with an average traffic of approximately 120 thousand passengers and about 830 operations of landings and departures, every day. In the last 12 months, more than 42 million people have embarked or disembarked at the airport for nearly 270,000 departures and arrivals. GRU Airport is the main pole of distribution of flights of the country with 92 regular destinations: 50 international and 42 domestic serviced by 39 airlines. The airport is also the most important port of entry and exit of cargoes of Brazil, handling about 41% of the exports and imports by air in the country.

Sobre o IBAS – International Brazil Air Show
The air transport sector makes a great contribution to the economy of a country, creating jobs, generating wealth and connecting people. This market needs to grow in a planned and integrated way. And IBAS – International Brazil Air Show aims to bring together the aerospace, airport infrastructure and commercial and executive aviation suppliers to interlocution these categories, thus developing improvements to the market. In its 2nd Edition, the IBAS – International Brazil Air Show is consecrated as the first Brazilian event focusing on the international aerospace industry and airport infrastructure, bringing together government, entities and companies.

About Sator
Founded in 2005, the company started its activities as an event producer, offering services related to the commercialization and communication of the events it organized. Recently, it was discovered as a business platform developer organization, which consists of identifying, planning and developing opportunities through face-to-face meetings such as seminars, trade shows, business roundtables, online and print media.

Sator has extensive experience in organizing events such as the Airport Infra Expo, Labace, Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (between 2007 and 2010), the National Civil Aviation Fair (between 2008 and 2010), the Broa Fly-in (2006 to 2008), the Connected Smart Cities (since 2015), the PPP Awards & Conference Brazil (since 2017), the ANPTrilhos Mobility Forum (in 2018), IBAS – International Brazil Air Show (2017 and 2019), IACC – National Forum of Applied Intelligence for the Fight against Crime (2018 and 2019), ABCR Festival – Brazilian Association of Captors of Resources (2019) and Connected Smart Mobility (2019).

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