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>Featured >2nd Edition of AeroFauna takes place at IBAS 2019

2nd Edition of AeroFauna takes place at IBAS 2019

Fauna Risk Management in Brazil will be widely debated at the 2nd AeroFauna which, in 2019, takes place within the IBAS – International Brazil Air Show.


According to the Aeronautical Accident Investigation and Prevention Center (CENIPA), collisions between aircraft and wildlife, particularly birds, are the most repetitive type of incident in world aviation and today represent one of the biggest concerns for the airline industry. Events of this nature have killed more than 470 people and cost approximately US$3 billion annually. In Brazil, the estimated annual financial loss between 2011 and 2016 was over US $65 million.

One of the news of IBAS – International Brazil Air Show 2019 will be the highlight in the program about the Fauna Risk Management in Brazil, a fundamental theme for aviation, through the 2nd AeroFauna in the event. IBAS takes place on September 11, 12 and 13, 2019, at GRU Airport – São Paulo International Airport.

And to address the aspects of the partnership between IBAS and AeroFauna and related highlights, we interviewed ProHabitat’s consultant and member of AeroFauna’s organizing committee, Mariane Rodrigues Biz Silva.


Follow the interview:

IBAS: What is the importance of the 2nd AeroFauna happening within IBAS 2019? What does this partnership mean? What differentials do you add to events and stakeholders?

Mariane Rodrigues Biz Silva: AeroFauna happening within IBAS 2019 will highlight the theme of Fauna Risk Management in Brazil, reaching different audiences that operate in Brazilian aviation. This partnership demonstrates how much this issue has grown in the country and how important it is to aviation. The IBAS having an event that deals with Aviation Fauna Risk diversifies the subjects covered, offering the public a greater variety of knowledge, space for sharing and discussion.


IBAS: What advances and challenges does this sector face, such as: the importance of training professionals working in Fauna Risk Management at aerodromes?

Mariane Rodrigues Biz Silva: The first actions organized to mitigate fauna risk began in 2009 with an agreement between INFRAERO (Brazil’s largest airport administrator) and the University of Brasilia. Since then, the theme has evolved slowly, with ups and downs. Legislation/regulation has important guidelines, but not yet adopted by all airports that must comply. So we are late in practice than in legislation/regulation.

Another aspect of concern is the fact that Research, Development & Innovation in the country does not look at this topic. There are many questions for science to answer and we can develop new methods and new technologies. The need for capacity building is also a key item for fauna risk management to occur effectively. In this sense, Brazil still needs to advance a lot.

In countries where the safety and prevention culture is strongest, such as the USA, there is greater involvement/encouragement from government and academic research in fauna risk management, which has made significant and much faster progress than in Brazil. As an example of good international practice, we highlight the training requirement for airport wildlife management professionals and the identification of species through biological material from collisions through genomic analysis. This last action allows the diagnosis to be more accurate and, consequently, the mitigation measures to be more effective.


IBAS: What will the 2nd AeroFauna look like inside IBAS? What’s new and expectations? What should the IBAS and AeroFauna public expect? What are the highlights of the programming?

Mariane Rodrigues Biz Silva: The event was designed considering the most prominent challenges since the last AeroFauna. We will have lectures from various industry professionals who will give their insight on the topic and the main aspects of development. The purpose of the event is to bring in national and international big names working in the area to disseminate the best and most effective in the management of fauna risk, standing out as the main discussion event on the mitigation of aviation fauna collisions.

The public should expect a heterogeneous event, bringing Fauna Risk Management from the perspective of all Brazilian aviation stakeholders. The focus will be on practical Fauna Risk Management actions. The highlight of this issue is the space dedicated to airports presenting their experiences, in which results obtained in methods/experiments that have had a positive or even negative effect may be disseminated. Such a panel will be of great relevance to the exchange of experience among those present. Another highlight confirmed in the schedule will be the presentation of how an airline can develop Wildlife Risk Management actions, a presentation that will be made by a Commander and Flight Safety Manager of Gol Linhas Aéreas.





ABOUT IBAS – International Brazil Air Show 2019
In its 2nd edition, IBAS, the main catalyst of the market, has an innovative format and proposal aligned with the new trends of major world events, promoting business opportunities and relationships, through the exhibition, conferences and business roundtables, which go beyond. Networking IBAS 2019 will bring together leaders of the world airline segment to discuss the development of the sector and contemplate addressing key themes for the development of this market.