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The 2nd edition of IBAS – International Brazil Air Show took place between September 11 and 13, at GRU Airport – the event’s co-organizer. Under the theme Connectivity and innovation for the strengthening of air transport in Latin America, the initiative was attended by authorities, experts, companies and national and international entities.


The main catalyst of the market, IBAS – International Brazil Air Show, held by Sator, gathered more than three thousand participants and was attended by 100 brands and, in total, 150 Business Meetings were held through Speed-Dating, as well as wide coverage of the national press. In its 2nd edition, IBAS 2019 – the first Brazilian event focused on the international aerospace industry and airport infrastructure, was aimed at the invested public and also featured the exhibition of products, services and solutions for this market, fundamental for Brazil’s development.

IBAS took place between September 11 and 13, at GRU Airport, the event’s co-organizer, and brought together world airline leaders to discuss the development of the sector in Latin America, which accounts for 1.4% of Brazilian GDP, or R$25,1 billion, according to data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

IBSA’s founder and Sator’s executive director, Paula Faria, points out that this 2nd edition of the event fulfilled its proposal and placed on the central agenda all the themes related to the market, highlighting the innovative format of the event and the new technologies throughout the concept from the International Brazil Air Show. “We had the participation of all the actors involved in the segment and, in all 90 panels, the approximately 200 speakers discussed in depth the various themes proposed, contemplating fundamental approaches to the development of the sector in Brazil and Latin America in the short, medium and long term”, she said.

The CEO also highlights the presence of companies in the exhibition and side events. “We have the 2nd Aerofauna; in addition to Showcase, in partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure and ANAC for the attractiveness of low cost companies, with the objective of generating business opportunities in Brazil; the Civil Liability Workshop- in partnership with Bernardi & Schnapp, IBAS Startup Hub, an exclusive area for startups in the sector, among other highlights that marked this second edition of the IBAS – International Brazil Air Show”, she comments.


Among the authorities and experts, participated at IBAS – International Brazil Air Show: Civil Aviation Secretary, Ronei Glanzmann; General Director of the Airspace Control Department (DECEA) – Brazilian Air Force, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Jeferson Domingues de Freitas; the director of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), Ricardo Bezerra; Superintendent Director of the São Paulo Airways Department (Daesp), Antônio Claret; Mayor of Guarulhos, Gustavo Henric Costa; President of GRU Airport, Gustavo Figueiredo; IBAS’s strategic partner and president of the Brazilian Aviation Institute (IBA), Francisco Lyra; IBAS founder and executive director of Sator, Paula Faria.

In addition to the president of the Brazilian Airlines Association (ABEAR), Eduardo Sanovicz; Infraero’s President, Lieutenant Brigadier of the Air Helio Paes de Barros Júnior; CEO of Fraport Brasil, Andreea Pal; Rector of the Institute of Aeronautical Technology (ITA), Claudio Jorge Pinto Alves; CEO of Inframerica Brasil, Jorge Arruda; CEO of Infraway Engenharia, Thiago Nykiel; Socicam’s Director of New Business and Innovation, Wanderley Galhiego Jr; Roland Berger partner, Gustavo do Canto Lopes; among other authorities and experts.

Aerospace market; Cargo market; Innovation in the aerospace and air transport sector; Financial and regulatory market; Business aviation; General aviation; Tourism and sustainable economic development of air transport; Air transport integration and connectivity in Latin America; Disruptive technologies; MRO; Ground handling; Environment; Safety & security; IT & automation; Airport concession; Travel & retail; Airport technologies; Air traffic control; Drone market; Women’s presence in the aviation and aerospace industry; among other highlights.

Through the partnership with the 100 Open Startups platform, the event featured IBAS Startup Hub, an exclusive area for startups in the sector, which also included speed-dating, open talks, showcase and conference.

IBAS – International Brasil Air Show 2019 featured sponsors and exhibitors: TLD; Embry-Riddle; Arion; Bernardi & Schnapp Advogados; Nuctech; SITA; Embraer; ASBZ Advogados; Verzani & Sandrini; Engie; Airside Safety Operation; Maluf & Rodrigues Advogados; Infraway; Kofre; BNZ Advogados; Hobeco; Digicon; Costa Albino e Lasalvia Advogados; Márcia´s Catering; Ativa Extintores; Urban Airport; e TGI Fridays. Expositores: BYD; Jungheinrich; Lektra; Rucker; Viva Aer; Ortobrás; Orbital; Usinagem WZ; Trillo; Teriva Consulting; THK Brasil; Synerjet; Faun Trackway; Vision Box; Scan Brasil; Incharge; Runway Safe; L3Harris; and Rayflex.

Institutional Support: Comissão de Aerodesporto Brasileira (CAB); Parque Tecnológico São José dos Campos; Associação Nacional das Distribuidoras de Combustíveis; Lubrificantes, Logística e Conveniência (Plural); União Brasileira do Biodiesel e Bioquerosene (Ubrabio); Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Serviços Auxiliares de Transporte Aéreo (ABESATA); Associação de Empresas Revendedoras de Aeronaves (AERA); Associação Nacional das Empresas Administradoras de Aeronaves (ANEAA); Instituto Brasileiro de Aviação; Infraero Aeroportos; Mundogeo; União Brasileira do Biodiesel e Bioquerosene (Ubrabio); Visite São Paulo; and FATEC Guarulhos.

IBAS 2019 strategic Partners: C_Fly Aviaton and 100 Open Startups. International Support: Business France. Media Support: Aviação Brasil and Info Aviação. International Media Support: Airline Suppliers; Airport Suppliers; Moberger Airport Information. Partner Event: Seminário Internacional de A-CDM.

IBAS 2019 also had the Strategic Institutional Support of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB); Ministry of Infrastructure; National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC); and the Brazilian Airlines Association (ABEAR).


According to the Value of Air Transport in Brazil (Valor do Transporte Aéreo no Brasil), a study recently released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which highlights that aviation is a very important facilitator of economic and social development, points out that the sector contributes US$18,8 billion to Brazil’s GDP, generating over 800,000 jobs in the country. In addition, it is not just about the number of jobs that air transport offers, but also about quality, and jobs in the aviation sector are on average 4.4 times more productive than in the general economy.

The research also points out that the aviation market in Brazil has great growth potential, especially in terms of domestic connectivity and diversification of direct international connections. But in order to do so, it is essential to maintain the industry’s competitiveness by overcoming three challenges: the high cost of business, the inefficient use of infrastructure and the lack of regulatory harmonization with global best practices. Overcoming these challenges, aviation’s economic contribution to the Brazilian economy can increase to over US$88 billion a year, supporting more than 1.4 million jobs.




The 2nd edition of IBAS - International Brazil Air Show took place between September 11 and 13, at GRU Airport - the event's co-organizer. Under the theme Connectivity and innovation for the strengthening of air transport in Latin America, the initiative was attended by authorities, experts, companies and national and international entities.   The main catalyst of the market, IBAS - International Brazil Air Show, held by Sator, gathered more than three thousand participants and was attended by 100 brands and, in

The future is therefore collaborative! This will be the main focus of the international A-CDM Seminar which will take place in Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo, between 9 and 10 September, 2019. Organized by DECEA, GRU Airport and Action Editora, the event has the mission of publicizing the A-CDM process in order to increase efficiency in the South American continent. Through presentations and panels, topics concerning the implementation, concepts and financial gains acquired through the system will be debated

The opening of the Brazilian market to low cost or low-cost airlines creates business opportunities for companies in the sector and drives the economy, benefiting the consumer. The theme will be one of the highlights of IBAS 19, which brings representatives from ANAC, SAC and IATA, among others, to present the best strategies for the segment.   Currently, three low cost or low-cost companies are authorized by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) to operate in Brazil, being one Argentine, Chilean and

Among the themes of IBAS 19, airport concession will be widely discussed.   In the first 6 months of 2019, 23 concessions (airports, ports and railways) were made in Brazil, and in March, 12 airports (5th round) were auctioned in three blocks, with a premium of over 900% and total revenue forecast of R$ 4.2 billion to the Federal Government over the 30 years of concession. The result, which drives the economy and especially the generation of jobs, indicates the recognition of

At least 70,000 Remotely Piloted Aircraft are registered with the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) system, where 44,000 are for recreational use and 25,000 for professional use.   The drone (unmanned aircraft) sector is booming in Brazil and according to Mundo Geo data, the industry's practical chain will move R$ 500 million in 2019, representing a 25% growth and surpassing more than R$ 400 million of revenues achieved in 2018. At least 70,000 Remotely-Piloted Aircraft (RPA) are registered in the system of

Fauna Risk Management in Brazil will be widely debated at the 2nd AeroFauna which, in 2019, takes place within the IBAS - International Brazil Air Show.    According to the Aeronautical Accident Investigation and Prevention Center (CENIPA), collisions between aircraft and wildlife, particularly birds, are the most repetitive type of incident in world aviation and today represent one of the biggest concerns for the airline industry. Events of this nature have killed more than 470 people and cost approximately US$3 billion annually.

Sponsor of IBAS - International Brazil Air Show 2019, SITA, IT provider for the air transport sector, will present news in the 2nd edition of the event. In an interview, SITA Vice President for Latin America, Elbson Quadros, spoke about the importance of participating again at IBAS and the airport market.   Held by Sator and with GRU Airport, IBAS - International Brazil Air Show will take place on September 11, 12 and 13, 2019, at the GRU Airport - São Paulo

The Auxiliary Air Transport Services, or Ground Handling, responsible for 42 thousand direct jobs and fundamental for the sustainable development of the sector, will be one of the themes presented in IBAS - International Brazil Air Show 2019.   Aviation growth requires that the supply chain also prepare for this challenge by investing in specialized equipment and manpower to meet growing demand, with emphasis on quality and competitive pricing. In this sense, ground handling companies play a fundamental role in the sustainable